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Free YouTube Download.The Step are for Windows. Step 13 has a method for changing firmware on a Mac.

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Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. On the printer display at the home screen. This screen will tell you the firmware version the printer is running. In order to change your printer firmware you will need to download the file attached with this step to get what we have been calling XYZware with advanced mode enabled. This is an older version of the software that has a special advanced mode enabled that gives you much more control over the printer.

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The advanced mode has manual controls for your printer, a gcode editor that can allow you to manually change temperature settings, speeds, and many other controls.

It also allows you to load firmware from a file instead of downloading from the server. The first step is to download the attached file, unzip the file and save it in a place on your computer. You will need to browse to your program file which are typically on your c: drive and select the "Program File" or "Program Files x86 " depending on your computer and setup. Once in the XZYware folder replaced the xyz.

Just copy and paste the file downloaded over the existing file. Once you have copied into the folder you should be able to open XYZWare as you have in the past. Please see the picture on this step. The area to the right with tabs and options will be the confirmation that you have successfully loaded the software.

Attached to this step are 2 files of past firmware. Please download the file you would like and save it on your computer. In order to Upload older firmware you will need to put the printer in bootloader mode.

Press and hold both the up and down arrow on the control pad and while holding both buttons turn the printer on.XYZware has become more people-friendly! Since the release of da Vinci Pro series and its XYZware Pro system, the new version now comes with more control options to provide creators with greater flexibility in editing their printing projects.

I was Having trouble with the XYZware Pro software so I tried this and despite some visual glitches when moving the bed around it was working fine, until I tried to copy a part. The software immediately crashed, repeatedly. I have the application on my personal laptop straight from the website and it works wonderfully, but on my work laptop, that I cannot download regular applications on just win 10 APPS, the application errors out saying that there is not a slicer present or it is unable to slice the print.

FIX IT!!! Tried to install to use for use on a printer at school. Has never even gotten past the "Starting Download" prompt. Maybe a good product I attempted to use the software with my XYZ da Vinci Jr 1 printer, and it can't even get past the slicing stage. I set it to print, and it does nothing and just sits there.

When I tried to export the file to an SD Card, it said that there was no slicer found, even when it should be a part of the application. Translate to English. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. Available to United States residents. By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services. Privacy Statement.

Skip to main content. Wish list. See System Requirements. Available on PC. Description XYZware has become more people-friendly! Show More. People also like. MakeCode for Adafruit Rated 4.Here are the specifics; Nvidia GeForce Driver v While the software is usable barely its a silly little issue that has been driving me crazy.

This worked previously same PC, same printer with no issues, any thoughts? Today the XYZWare software upgraded to 2. I can now rotate an object without feeling i was using a old PC.

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Hey, I just got this from Support. It is a new version of 2. Not sure if they'll be happy that I posted this - they didn't say I couldn't, and I didn't ask. Thanks a ton for sharing!

xyzware download old version

I found an issue last night An object I sliced had the layers in the wrong order. Sliced it again with the slower Intel chip and it was correct. Laptop with nVidia GTX and the most current driver. So for now I'll have to sacrifice speed to make sure they are correct, but considering this 3D stuff was half the reason that I bought the new laptop, I'm now not real happy.

Hi, I had the same problem and had to upgrade my video board to a higher number, Since tghen, I did not have any more problems. I get this error, but it doesn't seem to be causing any issues. What issues should I be looking to find?

The GL error won't stop XYZware from working but it will be horribly slow and almost unusable, especially after slicing if you cancel and try to navigate around the sliced object looking for potential problems.

xyzware download old version

I did get some problems, those problems went away when I switched to the slower Intel chip. The biggest problem I had was that some objects were slicing the layers into the wrong positions. Layer 1 would go down, then layer three, then layer two on top of it. It was easy to spot because the design had a "slope" set for one layer thick.

No matter what, XYZ needs to fix this, I can't get newer on my laptop as it is a Geforce with updated drivers. A lot less power wasted though - something like 30w vs w! I'm seriously thinking about spending the money of Simplfy3D.

Da Vinci 1.0 AiO Software Repository

Looks like they may have gotten the wifi connection problem solved so I can print wirelessly. I've got the same issue and can't believe its an NVidia issue as my other OpenGL apps work and detect higher versions than 1. It was my last resort to get it working but after now working with it, I get better prints than before.

I called xyz about it, and they said they are diligently working on a fix, and sent me links that do not work to downgrade the drivers. Same problem here. Went round and round with support and they had me roll back my video drivers to the last one that worked.Active topics Unanswered topics. You must login or register to post a reply. RSS topic feed. Here you go Many thanks Scobo. You saved me. A quick question. Is this the one that doesn't count the filament on 1. It looks different then I remember.

You're welcome. I've got to say, although the open mod is an improvement over the stock software, I would HIGHLY recommend the switch to repetier for a much bigger improvement all round.

I was thinking about doing that. I assume you just pushed repetier to the printer through XYZ Ware since you were on 1. How should I go about doing that? You can do it that way using an old version of xyzware and doing a firmware update with no internet connection but you'll only be able to flash the older version, repetier 0. I just followed the guide to flash straight to 0.

da Vinci Jr. 1.0A - First-time Printing & XYZware Introduction

You can do it that way using an old version of xyzware and doing a firmware update with no internet connection but you'll only be able to flash the older version repetier 0. I assume that I still need to short it even though im on 1. That step made me so nervous when I did it to downgrade. Yeah but don't worry, apparently it's pretty much impossible to brick this printer.

All you're doing by shorting the jumper is completing a circuit which erases the eeprom. I asked the same question before flashing. This is the answer I got Thanks for your help. I think im going to try.

I think one of the reasons I went straight to 0. I believe that if your printer has firmware 1. E it will work.We have had a DaVinci 2.

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It has basic functionality and the user interface can be figured out pretty easily, making it good for a cheap and easy path into 3D printing. Thankfully, someone has already modified the firmware to be compatible with the DaVinci, and there is a very good youtube instructional video on how to complete the process. The installation process went pretty smoothly, the only issue I has was getting the computer to recognise the printer as an Arduino Due after the stock firmware wipe.

This was caused by the fact that the microprocessor which the due is based on runs on both Native USB and with Com-Port emulation. Newer versions of the Arduino IDE have changed the way they handle the USB drivers for the due, making installing the new firmware difficult. The easy way around this was simply to install the version of the Arduino IDE suggested in the youtube video, and everything worked fine.

Newer versions of the Arduino IDE could be made to work, if you can be bothered.

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After that it was simply a case of installing and setting up repetier-host, and enjoying the superior customisation of the open source software. Ill leave some details on that for a future blog.

xyzware download old version

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Untill I downloaded and installed the software.

XYZWare keeps crashing at startup. Who can help me out? The same issue happens with XYZware Pro 1. I've created a support case wish me luck! I've contacted Support and they've told me that they're aware of the problem and the engineers are working on it. They couldn't give me an ETA. For the time being I will have to use the older 2. I've been trying to print a part since I updated which was just the other day, but I haven't been printing much the last couple of months and it simply wouldn't print right, despite the fact that right before updating I printed four of them completely fine.

It's like the software wasn't breaking triangles down enough, and leaving me with big giant blocks of triangles instead of smaller ones, so the parts look detailed in some spots and then almost "low polygon" versions in other areas.

Thanks for the quick reply.

xyzware download old version

Once I've received older version s of the Pro software I'll post it here. What operating system are you using? I personally have not had a great experience with da vinci printers I own a 1. Also depending on how you got the software flash drive in box or xyz websiteyou may want to think about updating to the current version, since I believe the mini is a newer line, you should think about getting the current software online.

I'm running Windows 10 and downloaded the latest version from the website, 2. As soon as I doubleclick the XYZWare icon it shows a triangle-looking splashscreen and then it says "Software stopped working". I've had mine for quite a while and only issue I've had was a chipped bed glass. I installed a programmer so I can use 3rd party filament which has been nice. MrWahloh Mar 28, DarkTreader - in reply to MrWahloh Mar 31, MrWahloh - in reply to gelhammer Mar 29, Gimpdiggity - in reply to MrWahloh May 31, You sir are a lifesaver.

Switched back to the old software and it looks like it's going to print just fine again. Thank you. DarkTreader - in reply to MrWahloh Mar 28, MrWahloh - in reply to DarkTreader Mar 28, MrMilan - in reply to MrWahloh Mar 28, MrWahloh - in reply to MrMilan Mar 28, DarkTreader - in reply to MrMilan Mar 28,