Wow benchmark tool

Extreme performance and stability test for PC hardware: video card, power supply, cooling system. Check your rig in stock and overclocking modes with real-life load! Also includes interactive experience in a beautiful, detailed environment. Heaven Benchmark is a GPU-intensive benchmark that hammers graphics cards to the limits. This powerful tool can be effectively used to determine the stability of a GPU under extremely stressful conditions, as well as check the cooling system's potential under maximum heat output.

The benchmark immerses a user into a magical steampunk world of shiny brass, wood and gears.

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Nested on flying islands, a tiny village with its cozy, sun-heated cobblestone streets, and a majestic dragon on the central square gives a true sense of adventure. An interactive experience with fly-by and walk-through modes allows for exploring all corners of this world powered by the cutting-edge UNIGINE Engine that leverages the most advanced capabilities of graphics APIs and turns this bench into a visual masterpiece.

With Professional Edition site license you can use benchmark simultaneously on an unlimited number of systems. Free download Windows MB. System requirements. Current version: 4. For enterprises With Professional Edition site license you can use benchmark simultaneously on an unlimited number of systems. Contact us. For press We would love to grant free keys to the press, please contact us.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

Windows has a large ecosystem of useful benchmarking applications, and many of them are free.

wow benchmark tool

Before performing any benchmark, ensure that nothing else is running on your computer. If an app is crunching away in the background, it will slow down the benchmark and skew the results. Prime95 is a CPU stress test and benchmark tool popular among overclockers.

Prime95 offers to perform a torture test right off the bat. Note that the torture test can take quite a while to run. On our test system, it took about 10 minutes. Unlike many all-in-one benchmark suites for Windows, Novabench is completely free. Novabench works with Windows 7 through After you download and install Novabench, go ahead and run it. It took about a minute on our test system, while other benchmark suites took significantly longer. The free edition will likely do what most people need.

After downloading and installing, go ahead and run 3DMark. Expect to spend about minutes. The free, basic edition includes a small subset of the available tests, but it can still be useful. The free version includes video playback, web browsing, image manipulation, and storage benchmarks, as well as some 3D graphics and gaming performance benchmarks.

The paid version does add additional benchmarks and fancier result graphs. After downloading and installing the edition you want, go ahead and run PCMark. The benchmark can take a while to complete—nearly 15 minutes on our test system. The benchmark may take some time to complete. After downloading and installing Sandra, go ahead and run it. Alternatively, you can run benchmark tests against specific components. Sisoft also offers the ability to customize your ranking engines, which is free but requires you sign up via email.

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Fair warning: Sandra runs a pretty intensive set of tests and it can take a while—almost an hour on our test system. During testing, it may appear like not much is happening with the Sandra window and it may even feel like your system is frozen at times. It will eventually show some progress as it cranks through the tests.

You can use the checkboxes on the left to choose which reference computers you want to use for comparison. Is your preferred benchmarking utility not on this list?

Leave a comment and let us know about it. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.One thing that hasn't really changed about World of Warcraft since it released in is its user interface. Thankfully, enterprising modders have created a host of WoW addons that add all sorts of wonderful functionality. From addons that make managing your inventory a breeze to ones that replace the UI in its entirety, if you're not customizing your interface you're missing out on some serious improvements.

That's why we've rounded up a selection of the most popular favorites and a few of our personal ones to help you figure out which WoW addons are right for you and how to get started customizing the interface to be tailor-fit. Whether you're just getting started or are a hardcore player elbow deep in Battle for Azeroth, the latest expansion, this list will get you started.

Downloading the Twitch app is your first step as it gives you easy access to a marketplace where most of the WoW addons on this list can be found. The app automatically detects your World of Warcraft installation and makes managing and updating your WoW addons ridiculously easy. Now that you're all set up, let's take a look at some great addons to try. All of these addons except ElvUI can be found in the Twitch app, but I've also linked to sites where you can manually download them.

Bartender 4. World of Warcraft's hotbars are easily the most outdated part of its user interface.

wow benchmark tool

By default, they're quite small, can lack crucial information, and you don't have a whole lot of customization options. Enter Bartender, an addon that gives you full control of ten action bars including their position, size, and even transparency.

If you're starting out in World of Warcraft as a brand new player, this should be one of the first mods you consider. Before long, your hotbars are going to fill up and become an annoying mess. Bartender lets you set keybindings and position them perfectly for an optimal setup. More advanced users will appreciate the ability to program custom macros that can change the state of your action bars too.

Deadly Boss Mods.

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The other major addon that you shouldn't be without, Deadly Boss Mods makes World of Warcraft's complex boss fights a little more approachable by providing real-time alerts to keep you one step ahead.

With this addon and its other versions for older expansions installed, you won't have to painstakingly memorize every boss fight. Alerts and camera effects will warn you of dangerous attacks or give you simple instructions. Raid and dungeon timers are synchronized between other members of your group, which keeps everyone on the same page even if one player accidentally disconnects.

What I really love, however, is a tiny feature that auto replies to in-game messages while you're in a boss fight. This optional autoresponse will let whoever whispered you know you're kinda busy and tell them how much health the boss has left so they know if things are going poorly.

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World of Warcraft's inventory system is kind of a mess in the default version. Instead of having one large inventory, you have separate bags that store all the stuff you find while exploring. It's cumbersome to deal with, but Bagnon makes this nightmare go away. It replaces the entire inventory window with one large bag that stores all your items, but its other features are what makes it a must-have. For one, you can view the items even if they're in the bank of all your alternate characters on your account.

Icons also have special coloring based on item quality, helping you more easily discern rare items from trash. A search engine in the inventory window makes finding specific items even easier and there's the always helpful sort items option, which cleans up your bags and groups relevant item types together.

You get one guess what this addon does.Slow and choppy gameplay can have a variety of causes. Check your latency before continuing with the troubleshooting steps below. If your latency is high, check our connection troubleshooting article. Note: Before you troubleshoot this issue, check the World of Warcraft System Requirements to make sure your computer's hardware meets the minimum requirements. If you have tried these steps and still require assistance, please visit our Technical Support Forums or contact us.

Overwatch League. Log In. My Tickets. Contact Support. Breaking News Connection Issues. Relevant Products:. Windows Mac If the Blizzard App is still downloading game data, allow it to finish the installation and try again. Reset your user interface to make sure your files and addons are not corrupted. Update your drivers and operating system to resolve any compatibility issues. Close all other applications to resolve software conflicts and free up resources.

If your game is using DirectX 12, try switching to DirectX If your performance does not improve or worsens, please switch back to the previous version of DirectX. Check your power management settings and make sure they're set to High Performance. Overheating can cause performance issues, game crashes, and full computer lockups. Check for overheating components. If the Blizzard App is still downloading game data, allow it to finish the installation and try again. Run Software Update to check for pending updates to software, drivers, and firmware.

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The best WoW addons to use in 2020

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Use these tools to find out how good your PC is at handling DirectX12

Hall of Fame. Inside the World Championship. Inside the Mythic Dungeon International. Most Recent.PCMark 10 is easy to install and run, no complicated configuration required. Run the main benchmark and you'll get a PCMark 10 score that you can use to compare systems.

wow benchmark tool

This version includes different tests, each designed for a specific type of hardware ranging from smartphones to high-performance gaming PCs. Version 1. The benchmark application can give you a score to indicate the level of performance you can expect from your PC environment when running. Download the RTX technology demo Justice. Download the all-new Cinebench Release Cinebench is a real-world cross-platform test suite that evaluates your computer's hardware capabilities.

Improvements to Cinebench Release 20 reflect the overall advancements to CPU and rendering technology in recent years, providing a more accurate measurement of Cinema 4D's ability to take advantage of multiple CPU cores and modern processor features available to the average user. According to the company, this official benchmark software uses actual maps and playable characters to assign a score to your PC and rate its performance.

Here you can download Catzilla, the beta version of the benchmark. Both v1. Catzilla being produced in collaboration with Polish post production company, Plastige, who worked on that Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition intro video. This is the latesr revision that is DirectX 12 compatible. The benchmark works in DirectX 9 and DirectX 11, with plenty of settings to opt. Here you can download Monster Hunter the Official Benchmark.

It includes two graphics tests, two CPU tests and six feature tests.

wow benchmark tool

Trusted by gamers worldwide to give accurate and unbiased results, 3DMark Vantage is the best way to consistently and reliably test DirectX 10 under game-like loads. Here you can download Cinebench Cinebench is a real-world cross platform test suite that evaluates your computer's performance capabilities.

Meet "Digital Ira". Ira represents a big leap forward in capturing and rendering human facial expression in real time, and gives us a glimpse of the realism we can look forward to in our favorite game characters. The results produced by the new version of 3DMark 11 are compatible and comparable with results produced by earlier versions. This is a relatively minor update. Hotfix For 3Dmark Vantage - Futuremarn have made changes in the product editions to better serve our customers.

Off-line score is now available in the Advanced edition, and ad banners have been removed. Error messages have been improved, and various bugs have been fixed.

You can now download Heaven Benchmark 4. It reveals the enchanting magic of floating islands with a tiny village hidden in the cloudy skies. This edition is for MAC operating systems.Fortunately, there are a few DX12 titles with in-game tests. While not as fully featured as your average 3DMark edition, there are a couple of synthetic benchmarks and the odd in-game one, so there is a way to find out how strong your system is in a DX12 setting.

This one you probably know of already. This is made possible by DX12, which reduces the overhead associated with rendering large numbers of objects. To have a play with the Ashes of the Singularity benchmark yourself, you will need to buy the game. Rise of the Tomb Raider is another of the first games to test the waters with what DirectX12 can deliver. Unfortunately for Tomb Raider, its DirectX12 implementation was something of an afterthought. Hitman is a great looking game, combining strong visuals with an impressive number of AI controlled NPCs — hundreds of them in some scenes — which is something that can be quite CPU intensive.

You will need to own the game to gain access to the benchmark, but when you do, it has its own utility within the out-of-game settings menu. From there you can play around with various traditional settings, like anti-aliasing, detail levels, texture qualities, and texture filtering. This is useful because it not only means you can test your PC in a DX12 environment, but you can see how it compares to the same benchmark running using DirectX That means you can see how much your system benefits from being able to support DirectX 12 and improvements made to the game itself by enabling its use.

Along with the benchmarking utility, that will give you access to the introduction and first episode.

Six more episodes are planned for release. Our final available benchmark for this round up is from the classic benchmark making company, Futuremark. This one operates by gradually increasing the number of draw cell calls to the CPU, increasing the complexity and draw distance of the scene until the frame rate drops below 30 per second. What this benchmark does allow is a great representation of how different APIs handle draw-cells.

This test is available through 3DMark Advanced and 3DMark Professional editions, hidden away within the main test suites. The list of games with DX12 support by the end of the year will be far longer than it is now and considering how many graphics cards out there that support it, we could see a lot of people with much more capable systems before too long. The best video game series revivals 1 day ago.

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