Spn 4334 fmi 2

By KyleMarch 14, in Engine and Transmission. What causes a SCR catalyst to go bad. I'm guessing over dozing of def fluid, or soot buildup. Ran SCR system text and every thing check out good, fluid dozing measures to spec.

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I replaced dozer to be sure it didn't hang open at times maybe. Well hell, idk the dealer said they have seen only on bad. I hade one throwing a dozer code every thing was workin fine food def quality, all test checked out good. Replaced dozer did several regens and rest drives long ones code would clear then come back right after putting back into service.

We had a new wrecked truck out back with only miles. Put that catalyst on the truck ran one regen and no problems sense. And now there is another on that seams to be bad.


If the fault can be cleared after the regen the problem is most likely fixed, but faults can be a pain to repair. Never heard of the SCR " mixing box" go bad. Are you doing the crystal sublimation regens? They are different type or regen that dont dose DEF and get hotter. There is a Mack service bulletin that has some tips on the code.

I cant seem to attach the bulletin or even make a copy of it for some reason. Did all the DEF doser test and all good. I do about 1 a week of these. Getting the sensors now. Haven't had a chance to get back to that truck yet. A lot of brake downs lately. I will def. Thanks for all the help. Doing another NOX sensor replacement this morning. Truck has been to 4 dealers in the last 4 weeks and nobody changed the NOX sensors. I hope this fixes it! I have to put the catalyst back on.

These guys knocked the ceramic filter out of the one I replaced in another truck ig try into get more flow idk how they thought it would fix it I'm no pro but I've learned a lot and I know they don't put something on the truck you don't need lol. Let m know how yours goes.

I've done several crystal sublimation an regular with no luck. I don't have access to the portal how can I get registered.

spn 4334 fmi 2

Dose the company have to pay for it? Your local dealer has to apply for you I think. Its called " Trucks Customer Portal ". We have never set it up for any one yet. And what exactly is it. So I can get my boss on to it if we have to pay for it.

All the service info I'm guessing? Good news.To determine the malfunction, you just need to write out the fault code from the device in the cab and find the codes in the table by selecting your own engine type. Use of materials placed on this site is allowed only if there is an active link to Truckmanualshub. If you have any questions, please contact with us. Related Posts. Cummins ISX engine fault codes. Copyright Use of materials placed on this site is allowed only if there is an active link to Truckmanualshub.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Reject Read More. Necessary Necessary. Circuit of the speed sensor and the position of the crankshaft-no two signals from the sensor. Circuit of the pressure sensor in the highway control the angle of fuel injection-short circuit.

Circuit of the pressure sensor in the line of control of the fuel injection lead angle-chain breakage. Circuit of the speed sensor and the position of the crankshaft-the absence of one of the two sensor signals. Fault codes detected in other control units were found. Verification is required.

Incorrect data transmission on the J bus from the position sensor of the remote pedal. The circuit of the switch of activation of Multimotor synchronization-incorrect data. Circuit of the air temperature sensor at the entrance to the turbocharger-short circuit left row of cylinders, first stage.

Circuit of the air temperature sensor at the entrance to the turbocharger-breakage of the chain left row of cylinders, second stage. Circuit of the air temperature sensor at the entrance to the turbocharger-short circuit right row of cylinders, first stage.

Circuit of the air temperature sensor at the entrance to the turbocharger-breakage of the chain right row of cylinders, second stage.Apr 13, Exam Nos. Electronic de vices with an alphabeti c keyboard or wit h. Health Sciences is to provide scientifically-based education programs to prepare SPN Elementary Spanish.

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In order for you to receive the best possible offers, please make sure your answers above are accurate prior to submitting. Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Jul 13, 1. I have had this problems and was able to fix them so for future guide I decided to write in "English", what you are facing and solutions. Spn 7 is basically telling you that no or little def is reaching the meter unit and is not spraying enough of it to the aftermath treatment. There's many possibilities, but you should check in a priority order.

A Do you have spn 1 also present? If answer is yes, you most likely got a bad air pressure limiting unit. The unit is connected directly to your secondary air tank, any leak of oil or moisture will deteriorate the unit it just won't do its job no more. Best way to check this is dismaying the air hose from the meter unit and start the truck. Leave it running for a few minutes and then stop it. Replace all hoses and the unit itself. Install a air compressor filter so to protect the unit in the future.

Don't go crazy by a bit of oil and replace the compressor etc. Check it on pic 1. B spn 1 only, which is unlikely but possible, the meter unit is not getting air, so there's basically 3 possibilities, 1 meter unit is clogged with crystalized def, 2 a hose broke and leaks air or 3 the pressure limiting unit got the same problem as above. Unasemble the passenger side skirt, take the iron box protecting the meter unit is on your left, visually check for crystalized def, take the hose out and unassemble the valve check for any contamination and or crystalized def.

If you see any flush the meter unit as directed by freightliner, you'll need to remove the meter unit which is a pain in the rear so if you're not a wrench guy take it to a dealer.The ability to display diagnostic trouble codes DTC is an optional feature. Codes may be displayed on either the gauge cluster or an optional vehicle information display VID. The vehicle must be equipped with the option to display codes in both cases. Codes will not be displayed on the gauge cluster if the vehicle is equipped with the VID.

A gauge sweep will be performed on the gauges. The gauge cluster will then display the following information for 5 seconds:. If faults are present, the gauge cluster display will show each diagnostic trouble code for 10 seconds and then automatically scroll to the next entry and continue to cycle through the faults.

Once all faults have been displayed the number of faults will be displayed again, then the cycle will repeat. To manually cycle through the fault list press and release the cluster display selector button. The following information will be displayed for each fault:. Source addresses and DTC descriptions are presented in plain text. NOTE — The following selections will not be available if the vehicle is not equipped with the option to display codes.

Scroll through the list of faults if faults are present. Some previously active codes may not be cleared by this method.

spn 4334 fmi 2

A High Battery Cutout fault has. A high Battery Cutout fault has. A Low Battery Cutout fault has. A low Battery Cutout fault has.

A Surge may have occurred for a while in occurred and the source of the fault is the AC module inverter high voltage bus. An Overload condition has been. One or more of the three phase wire from detected in the AC module and the Vehicle AC bus is shutdown.

One or more of the three phase. An overcurrent condition in the Vehicle DC wires from the alternator is disconnected. The Power Pack system is shutdown and requires an ignition cycle. An Over Temperature fault has.This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this DMCA report form.

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Report DMCA. Home current Explore. Words: 15, Pages: Preview Full text. Revision: When burner injector is actuated, the measured pressure does not rise above ca. Sensor error burner dosing valve DV2 downstream pressure sensor; signal range check high Revision 1.

Broadcast Announce Message of the calibration message of the upstream catalytic NOx sensor has failed. Detailinformationen fehlen! Revision 1. Air intake heater; Short circuit to ground error for powerstage on CJ Sensor error differential pressure Venturiunit EGRsignal range check high.

Particulate filter regeneration. Regeneration after time X is not successful The error occurs when the regeneration times 3x over the max. Abschaltung Regeneration.

spn 4334 fmi 2

Differential pressure DPF, pressure below lower shutoff threshold. Physikalischer Wert unter unterem Grenzwert.

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Differential pressure DPF, pressure below lower warning threshold. The pressure relief valve PRV has reached the number of allowed activations.

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Pressure relief valve is forced to open, perform pressure increase. Performed by pressure increase. Shutoff conditions. Warning conditions. Rail pressure out of tolerance range. The PRV can not be opened at this operating point with a pressure shock.

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ECU powerstage over temperature. Kurzschluss gegen Batterie. Pressure sensor upstream turbine, Physical Range Check high. Pressure sensor upstream turbine, Physical Range Check low. Pressure sensor upstream turbine, signal range check SRC high.To recover your mobile device to a current Production Build, you will need to return to your original operating system version using the Windows Device Recovery Tool. Back up your phone Before installing an Insider Preview build, we recommend backing up your phone.

Enroll your phone Windows Phone 8. Current Windows 10 Mobile build For current Windows 10 Mobile builds, Windows Insider setup options have been migrated into Settings.

spn 4334 fmi 2

Let us know what you think The feedback you provide on Insider Preview builds goes directly to our engineers to help develop Windows. Switching between rings Changing rings is a simple process. Find information about your device Below is a set of quick references for key information you may find useful as you participate in the program. Is there an update already pending on your device. Compare build numbers Validate your device is up-to-date. Are you in the correct ring to receive the expected build.

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