Infiniti q50 custom subwoofer box

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Mar 14, 1. Messages: 14 Likes Received: 0. Considering swapping out my factory subs for some Alpines or Kickers. Anyone try this or know if I can upgrade to 10" speakers by replacing the two under the back seats? And also if I would need to run an amp to these?

I dont want a box sitting in my trunk or a stealth box. Mar 14, 2. Messages: 2, Likes Received: 1. Only thing you can do is put a box or the stealth box or take out your spare like some members have done already and have a custom box made to fit in their to hold whatever subwoofer you may like. To add an amp your going to have to run your own power and remote turn on leads.

You have to tap into the bose subwoofer harness to get your sub signal if your using the factory headunit. There is a DIY if you look around.

Mar 15, 3. Messages: 15, Likes Received: You have speakers under your seats? You have three basic options for more bass.

This is by far the best "boom for your buck", especially if you can score a sweet amp used. It requires running a power cable to the engine bay, but the rest of the wires can be intercepted at the box.

infiniti q50 custom subwoofer box

You can leave the existing amp in the sub box alone, as you'll never find a decent one to fit in it's place. You can safely and easily triple the output of the oem sub unit this way without overdriving the woofers. Same procedure as 1 but involves replacing the 6" woofers in the existing box.

Kicker makes a good driver that will fit, though I can't remember the name off hand. This option would yield a drastic increase in volume and fidelity from the oem enclosure, would be a bit more expensive than option 1, but still far less expensive and involved than option 3.

This was my original plan for my sub circuit but upon completing step one I realized that I didn't want or need any more bass, so I stopped. This is the best option for sound quality and quantity, but can be expensive and often results in best case the loss of your spare tire, or worst case I huge ugly subwoofer box in your trunk.

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infiniti q50 custom subwoofer box

I did option one. It's definitely more bass, but it's not going to compare to even a 8" woofer if you had it in your trunk. Good luck. Mar 15, 6.By letting the turbos ingest all the cold air they need, our intake system boosts power exactly where you want it, high in the rpm range. In addition, it allows you to hear your twin turbos spool up which is something you as an enthusiast can really appreciate. That is why they designed the Red Alpha air boxes to seal out blistering engine bay temperatures.

Our Engineers did not stop there. When they focused on the other system components they found even more places to improve the design. Your VR30 twin turbocharged engine does not use the typical air to air front mount intercooler FMIC you may be used to. While this method may be sufficient for a stock vehicle under ideal conditions, it can quickly become heat soaked robbing horsepower. This restriction slows the flow of coolant though the air to water intercooler minimizing the cooling of your intake air.

The power came on earlier and the twin turbos spool-up was significantly improved. The long gradual transitions within the mandrel bent pipe section allows exhaust gasses to maintain velocity without a buildup of back pressure inside of the system. We were able to design a superior product because of our superior engineering. The Red Alpha Downpipes feature heavy gauge stainless steel to retain as much heat in the down pipe as possible.

Our threaded O2 sensor bungs allow the use of factory O2 sensor. Our downpipes perform better and are not prone to cracking like the alternatives offered by some of the competition. Weight savings are also improved. That is where we come in.

The Red Alpha badge is a symbol that you have chosen the most power producing, most reliable performance components for your Q50 or Q Join the Red Alpha Team today! Performance may vary by vehicle. Power output may vary depending on many factors including, but not limited to; altitude, temperature, fuel octane, engine tolerances, tune, and dyno.

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The goal of AMS is to provide the highest quality, best performing products available. By utilizing research and development and rigorous testing programs AMS will never compromise the quality or performance of our products. Store Products search.Find everything you need to take your Q50 to the next level, right here at VividRacing. From engine components to suspension to brake parts, electronics, wheels, tires and much more, VividRacing stocks only the best manufacturers you can trust to take your Q50's performance to the next level!

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If you don't see the part you wanted the first time, just call our Q50 racing technicians and we'll do our best to locate exactly the part you want. Home Infiniti Q50 Parts.

Gamma Motors Stage 2. Performance wheels and tires are best comple Race developed and manufactured under extre Invidia knows that automotive enthusiasts are con Vivid Racing has been on the cutting edge of technology and performance products sin This tuning box kit is Designed for the performanc Name View more.Welcome to InfinitiScene.

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Oct 3, 1. Messages: 27 Likes Received: 1. This came about because I had to get rid of my lunker of a sub 12" ported and reclaim half of my trunk space. Sorry for the lack of documentation. I didn't think I would be making a write up. First time writing up let me know if you have any questions hopefully I get the notification to reply. I went the cheap route but the box has been holding up - fiberglass mat I purchased from Tap Plastics by the yard, I purchased 5 yds but ended up having extra - 1 yd.

Some people remove the compartment below see WickedCAS box but I didn't want to cut my trunk mat so I just did it in the corner. Mask a lot of area, afterwards tape the aluminum foil on top.


This will allow easier removal of the first layers of fiberglass. Cover a lot of your interior and car in general, with some Kraft paper, anything that even has the remote chance of getting fiberglass resin dripped onto it. I don't have pictures of the aluminum foil or laying the fiberglass. See tutorials on how to lay fiberglass, that's a whole new thread in and of itself. Once it all hardens: sand, trim, grind, fill, primer, what ever you have to do to finish it up.

I had to do a lot of trimming since it was my first time using fiberglass, I made a mess with my edges so I did some grinding to make it sit flush in my trunk. And mounted my amp in the spare tire on a wooden board cut to fit.

Enjoy the music and satisfaction of your custom box! Last edited: Oct 5, Oct 3, 2. Messages: 19, Likes Received: Oct 3, 3. Messages: 3, Likes Received: Final product picture?

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Oct 3, 4. Messages: 11, Likes Received: Nice job bro, came out great. Oct 4, 5. Messages: 20, Likes Received: 1,Remark Axleback Exhaust Infiniti Q50 1 review.

Infiniti has quietly been making some impressive sport coupe models. Inside, they feature that gorgeous luxury interior with intuitive controls. Underneath the hood, the direct adaptive steering and dynamic digital suspension are impressive. But you know us: No matter how luxury or upper-end a car is, stock is just a starting point. Infiniti is a top brand of automobile, but it still suffers from the same types of limitations that stock parts impose.

Our mechanics have spent collective decades under hoods of all sorts of cars, from used junkers to brand new models. We know exactly how to power up your Infiniti Q Contact us today — we love talking with Infiniti drivers and helping them bounce around ideas or answer questions. Our shipping rates will keep your wallet happy, and our Loyalty Rewards program will stash a few bucks toward your next project.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we want to be your personal pit crew, and help you get the most out of your Infiniti.

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Pay securely with.Select Vehicle by VIN. Shop for Infiniti Q50 Parts. About Infiniti Q Infiniti Q50 is a compact luxury vehicle manufactured by the Japanese automaker Infiniti division of Nissan since Until now, it has been produced through about four years and is still in its first generation. And it went on sale in North America in the third quarter and in Europe on fourth quarter It is powered by 2. And these engines are fitted along with either a 7-speed automatic transmission or a 6-speed manual transmission.

Even as a very young model with only about three year-history, Infiniti Q50 still make it popular.

Infiniti Q50 Parts

However, if you want it serves you a longer time, you have the need to learn about latent problems and solutions on it: First, master cylinder and pump seal failure. According to the data from the car repair statistics site CarComplaints. They told that symptoms included noisy brakes, vibrating brake pedal and poorly responded brakes. These signs are not only serious but also very dangerous for drivers' safety. So once you sense your Infiniti Q50 is also showing these symptoms or the braking system works unusually, then the Q50 brake pad set and Q50 brake dust shields and other parts in the braking system need to be inspected thoroughly.

Second, premature and abnormal tire wear as well as hesitates and stalls while driving.

Infiniti Subwoofer Boxes

Infiniti Q50's premature and abnormal tire wear are probably caused by the faulty suspension system. If the Q50 also has a vibrating steering wheel, gives out clunking noises and front brakes and tires wear more seriously, then the sway bar link and control arm may get defective.

As for engine performance reduced in Infiniti Q50 as decrease in gas mileage and loss of power while accelerating, engine parts are definitely wrong. If your Infiniti Q50 keeps overheating and has leaked coolant, at the same time, the Check Engine Light and Low Coolant Light comes on together, then the Q50 oil cooler, Q50 air filter and Q50 radiator hose may be failing.

In order to keep your Infiniti Q50 at the top-notch condition all the time, you have to not only perform routine maintenance but also pay more attention to some vulnerable parts in it. Fog light, works usually in adverse conditions such as foggy, misty or dark night, it is an essential part to provide better visibility to drivers.

Other parts such as wiper blade and its partner washer reservoir, they are also exposed to horrible weathers as well. So for your safe driving trip, they all should get maintain regularly.

If you want to add a little bit of comfort while driving your fancy Infiniti Q50, then please make sure the cabin air filter in the good order as well. At Infinitipartsdeal. All our genuine Infiniti Q50 auto parts are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, so they are better in quality, reliability and durability than any aftermarket parts.Please see the Details for this vehicle.

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infiniti q50 custom subwoofer box

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American Auto Export do provide Standard day warranty on all mechanical parts. You will only receive what is pictured unless otherwise stated in the description. Please do not assume anything else will be included if it is not pictured.

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infiniti q50 custom subwoofer box

Shop Categories. About Us Everybody wants to know what makes a company "Different and Great"! Returns American Auto Export do provide Standard day warranty on all mechanical parts. All of the parts we sell are guaranteed to be in good working condition unless otherwise noted. We ONLY guarantee the part s will fit the vehicle s listed in the description.

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